Submitted by andrea on Sun, 02/10/2019 - 10:32

I lived with my mother and brother in a trailer on a mountain. I asked the mother whether she would give me money in order to buy some blinds. She consented. I climbed the mountain over rocks and shrubbery, sometimes the sun would be shining, sometimes there was snow. I walk until I find the travelling woman with her sales stand. I buy one blind made of bast and one white adornment curtain. The toothless old woman is laughing at me: Have fun with theses. I am happy to have gotten rid of that rubbish at such a high price. You will see whether they fit.
I had chosen the items by visual judgment and was unsettled because of the possible waste of money. When I arrived home I fixed the bast blind on the door between mother’s and my room. It fit fairishly. The adornment curtain was to be attached to the window at half height. It did not protect me from looks from outside.
The mother entered my room, as usual without knocking. She said: Your brother is going to get another delivery of eyes. Would you like to be with him? I declined. I hate those eyes in the organ boxes.